I recently had the chance to jump on a podcast with Robert Kandell and Tripp Lainer. Two great coaches I really admire. Robert I’ve worked with and seen in action many times. And Tripp is someone I’ve come across recently who has worked with some very inspiring people. Both of them walk their talk and are very successful in what they do.

So this was an opportunity for me to go through some live coaching with Tripp and I have to say it was a very uncomfortable experience for me. And very embarrassing for my ego. It wasn’t so much that I was under the microscope on a format that will be watched by thousands of people. It was actually that I couldn’t really articulate answers for the questions I was being asked which basically boiled down to these two questions.

Where are you stuck right now?

What would being successful look like to you?

Classic questions a coach my ask you.

The context for this was working as an entrepreneur and moving from the shallow end to the big end of the pool. Really stepping out of the comfort zone and being successful in what your passionate about.

Now in my work as a meditation based life coach there’s something that petrifies me about being seen. About putting myself out there. And not being good enough. Not delivering what I say I can – even though I have facilitated some amazing results with the people that I work with.

I know I can do it, but the fear is there. And it was great to hear from both Robert and Tripp how in their experience, even in their success, the fear is always there. It’s what you do with it that counts.

If we want our lives to change for the better then stepping out of our comfort zone in life, where-ever that may be, is something we are going to have to do. With money, relationships, careers, our health and sex.

These will get uncomfortable in a way that will take you to the experience you want and not just be uncomfortable because they impact your life in a negative way.

When we are living with awareness, out of the thinking of our minds, we’re in self approval of our experience and what we are feeling, and we’re in touch with our authentic desire this can happen in a very natural way. We have clarity, we feel connected, and we’re excited about what’s in front of us.

Reflecting on the difference between stepping out of the shallow end and into the deep end to me is about saying I’m responsible and accountable for my life. It only comes down to me. And then being in approval of the fear that comes with that. We’re only human after all.

And so in stepping into the deep end of the pool in my work, what would success look like to me? Tripp asked me this and I gave an answer that seemed to makes sense. And he didn’t buy it. And I didn’t either.

The truth is I have no idea.

I just love what I do. I love serving and helping people get their lives on track and overcome adversity. I love the journey I get to share with people. And I love my own journey in that.

Where that ends up I don’t know and I don’t think I have to know.

I just know what my authentic desire is and how I want to feel in my life and I let that guide me. And when that flows all I have to do is enjoy the view.


If you’re new to my work then you need to understand that the three core principles to create claity, approval and excitement in your life are: awareness, self approval and authentic desire. To get into this you need a practice, you need techniques. This is what I teach. Check out my courses to see what suits, or if you would like to explore a free online coaching session I’ll be happy to take you through the process (schedule permitting). You can reach me always at

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